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For you all who are concerned by projects !

The PROJECT MANAGEMENT has been recognised as a SPECIFIC BRANCH progressively through the last 3 decades mainly.

You will discover in “the project handling tool” presented throught that site, the back bone of the project strategy. It is a comprehensive presentation, making sure that the most important point : TO NOT MISS ANY TOPIC, is covered. And a few of those presented in that manual are very unique and relevant.

Purposely, the number of pages is reduced, so one can either go across them many times while developing a project or leave the booklet open at the dedicated single page of the specific point currently processed.

Behind that, there is a lot of experience and practicle triks. It would be my pleasure to exchange them with you either directly by mail, through that blog or by publishing annexures to the main “tool” when demands occure.

My first objective is to route project implied persons an efficient way, not being embarrassed by profit making objectives or lobbying considerations. It is essential to be able to follow today’s fast development trends in domains like technics, standard and management methods.

I am sure that many of you will enjoy to finally have a tool which gives an EASY OVERVIEW OF THE PROJECT ACTIVITY AT A GLANCE and wish you a lot of pleasure using it.


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