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1 qui sait vaut 10 qui cherchent! la veille technologique – 1 who knows is worth 10 who search? Technical survey

English follows French Ce n’est qu’une expression car, dans la réalité, la différence de coût R&D peut dépasser 100 fois et il se pourrait même fort bien que ceux qui cherchent ne trouvent jamais. La veille technologique est une clé pour devenir celui qui sait. Elle peut faire découvrir quel projet lancer (manuel p7) Elle […]

AGILE & Industry

English follows French Pourquoi des projets AGILE pour l’industrie ?   La multitude des disciplines et leur rapide évolution font que les personnes impliquées et les clients changent fréquemment leur  position. Ceci, associé avec un contexte toujours plus normalisé rend impossible la rédaction d’un cahier des charges initial fixe que l’on va suivre jusqu’au bout.

Product or project 5 phases ?

Do not mix up : This “Project Handling Tool” refers to the 5 phases of the PRODUCT DEVELOPMENT: exigencies and function descriptions function solution selection main sizing and architectural concepts detailed overall concepts or drawings detailed realisation documents or coding When most other project methods refer to the 5 phases of the PROJECT MANAGEMENT

Project management evolution

The project management bases have been established since around 1900 by people like Henry Gantt (1861 – 1919) and Henri Fayol (1841 – 1925), founded on the theories of Frederick Windslow Taylor (1856 – 1915). They have been then continuously developped and improved in the same direction. However,

CAD, Computer Assisted Design

“Creative engineering” could be what an engineering project team is going to perform. “Application engineering” is the counterpart of it. Application engineering technics assembled together can make a very creative project. So, “creative project” and “creative engineering” are not linked together. The CAD software category to be used, “direct” for creative engineering, or “parametric” for […]

Use Universal Concepts

The use of Universal Concepts, as explained in this tool, is an easy way to have project people working together efficiently. It is more efficient than to create a standard one has to learn by heart.


SMED, SPC, Quality assurance, etc… are all distinct knowledges. They are specifically taught and have their proper evolution. Although they concern the projects, developing them in a project handbook would create the risk of being rapidly outdated. So looking for them on the internet, referring to experts or following corresponding trainings is rather suggested.  

About project managers

A “project manager”  is what most project BoKs consider as necessary to lead a project. Nevertheless this is one possibility among many. Most frequently, the company high level management wants to keep a strong hand on projects, so putting their project managers into uncertain positions.

Get your project work simplified

A WIDE RELIEVING OF THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORK can be achieved by better considering and preparing the Company Context. By not putting enough emphasis on that aspect, most project  BoKs (Body of Knowledge) turns to be heavy and tricky. Just consider the tool described here prior to jump into a project.