illustrates the IT project managementillustrates the process plantillustrate an exemple of projectillustrates the exemples of projectsserves to illustrate what is the customisationappears in the "home" sliderdesign of hight tech efficient and cost effective customised machine

Industry applicable AGILE and LEAN solution to the current constraints of

multidisciplinarity, fast changes and overstandardization

It assembles the best project practices of renowned companies



  • new machine development

  • food production new plant

  • management software implementation

  • Quality system introduction

  • products customisation handling

… and so many other ones




  • FAST


  • SAFE


A mechanical engineer who performed
many projects in Organisations where :

He concentrates here his 35 years of experience with Companies which PROJECTS ARE PERMANENT SUCCESSES

A few relevant realisations of the author

SMAC 20 vue av drte

Piston ring laser marking machine

(2 rings/second)

  • integration of many exigencies, constraints and standards
  • no prototype made

SMAC 18 seg

Piston ring laser marking machine

  • SMED worthy
  • Quality performance as per the
    automobile industry exigencies
  • sensitivity of top side measuring : 0.3 micrometer

SMAC 21 vue ar gche2

Industrial design methods application

  • look
  • rationality
  • cost effectiveness

FIO mach derr gche

Piston ring finish turning machine

7 CNC axes

  • high grade of customisation
  • no prototype
  • high tech outside resources use

photo factory tuyaux+cell2

Several food process plants

  • continuous as well as batch processes
  • complete factories, with general services, buildings, administration systems, etc…

photo prod man software

Management softwares development and implementation

  • commercial and administrative activities
  • R&D department in the machine industry

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