If public sector project

Private companies projects is the main concern here. For public sectors, there are often additional compulsory rules  to be respected.



SMED, SPC, Quality assurance, etc… are all distinct knowledges. They are specifically taught and have their proper evolution. Although they concern the projects, developing them in a project handbook would create the risk of being rapidly outdated. So looking for them on the internet, referring to experts or following corresponding trainings is rather suggested.


About project managers

A “project manager”  is what most project BoKs consider as necessary to lead a project. Nevertheless this is one possibility among many. Most frequently, the company high level management wants to keep a strong hand on projects, so putting their project managers into uncertain positions.

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Get your project work simplified

A WIDE RELIEVING OF THE PROJECT MANAGEMENT WORK can be achieved by better considering and preparing the Company Context. By not putting enough emphasis on that aspect, most project  BoKs (Body of Knowledge) turns to be heavy and tricky. Just consider the tool described here prior to jump into a project.